Websites and online marketing

Your website online in three consults

Be local and global

Get your enterprise online professionally and hassle-free with a search-friendly and responsive panelled parallax website for all digital devices

Multiply your value

Create a web marketing plan to sustain client and customer interest and evergreen sales using our content, SEO, user experience, blogging and social media expertise

Control your budget

Cherry-pick sections to budget without hidden costs. Select a strategy to support you, whether sole trader, self-employed or SME


Domains & Hosting

Whether or not you have your domain and hosting ready we can help manage or support your online needs.

Social Media Help

Use the power of social networks to promote your services and offers. We also provide consults, set up, planning and managing.

Bespoke Packages

We can build, design and provide the copy for a simple business card or multi-page website with or without a holistic online marketing plan.

Online Marketing

Our 360 degree approach analyses your business USPs and plans for the best advice, content, design and approach to market.

Web report

See if your site SEO, UX, off-page links, social media and web presence approach is working for or against you. Consult & report £149  (See testimonials)


Why not see how what we know can benefit your business? We can also advise on blogging, posting, tweeting & content.

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At Infinite Bridge our aim is to provide an exceptional service with a costing that is budget-friendly and under your control. Perhaps you're now thinking: "But how can expert services be at this price?" 

Well, for a start we don't charge you for things you wouldn't expect us to, tasks like: ammendments, handling elements, copy rewrites, extra content, proofing, hyperlinking, analysis, expenses and advice. Moreover, we have a fixed, inclusive ceiling price for our five-panelled parallax 'business-card' websites, pitched midway between the escalating price of a time-consuming DIY build and the hire of an agency. We can provide you with array of options and directions bespoke to your most wanted actions and offer guidance on the best cost-effective approach for the size and progress of your project.

As well no runaway costs we can also take care of or advise you of the other 90% of web marketing tasks your enterprise may need to undertake: strategies such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO, PPC campaigns, the best social media channels for set-up and interaction, local and sales optimization: ranging from essentials bronze to whistles and bells platinum packages. Additionally, we also have a few other secrets up our sleeve we can pull out, but we would only suggest the ones that are appropriate for your web marketing plans.  

All our website builds – from business-card section style to multi-page with blog – are designed to work and be responsive on all devices (desktop, laptop, smartphones, iPad and tablets) with the aim of being as impactual, user-friendly and information-pure as possible. 

There are no shortcuts, our competitive value naturally includes the time spent on the separate professions of web design, back-end coding, content writing and online marketing to consolidate the layout, build, strategy, basic SEO, UX, keywording, picture production, uploading and testing. Supporting services can thus be priced as measurable add-on value making it easier for you to work out what your business needs.

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